Most Characters will encounter vehicles at some point in their careers. Different vehicles have different attributes required to successfully pilot them, speed, health, and means of attack if any exist. Vehicles with integrated weapons do not take a damage penalty for not being a Characters signature weapon, but actions such as ramming do. Attempting an action that is above normal operation such as hard turns at full speed, ramps, or evasive maneuvers requires making a check.

Bumblebee Motorcycle Edit


Remnant Motors is proud to unveil the CCX-Bumblebee. A sleek and agile bike that traverses the urban environments of Vale quickly and in style. Using a new mixture of Orange and Red dust, it is able to push the bounds of the road to their limit, and turn heads the whole way. Comfortably seats two.

Pilot Check: STR+PER Health: 15 Speed: 50ft/action Attack: Weapons held by Characters at Disadvantage Purchase: 35

Mount Edit

Horses are the most common mounts, but any quadrupedal animal can become a trained mount. Some citizens of Vacuo and those who live in the Wilds often ride mounts to get from point A to point B.

Pilot Check: STR+END Health: 10 Speed: 30ft/Action Attack: Weapons held Purchase: 25+, Variable

Atlesian Paladin Edit

The newest addition to Atlas’ defense force, used when a more human touch is still required in an otherwise android dominated space. The Atlesian Paladin houses a single pilot, and stands over 15ft tall. It is surprisingly nimble for its size, and often ignores any obstacles placed in its way. Given the nature of the Paladin, characters assume its attributes rather than use their own, but must succeed a Pilot PER+DIS check of 30 to be able to use it. The paladin has no aura, and Characters usually cannot make Semblance or Dust checks while inside.

Pilot Check: PER+DIS without Paladin modifiers. STR: 8 AGI: 0 END: 9 PER: As Character+5 WIL: As Character DIS: As Character Health: 25 Speed: 25ft/action Attacks: Hydraulic Arms (STR+END), Homing Missiles (PER+DIS+5) Purchase: N/A