Advanced enemies are used when Characters come in conflict with fellow Huntsmen and Huntresses or similarly trained entities. They posess multiple attacks, variable defenses, and exotic special abilities. Advanced enemies can have multiple stages and act multiple times in a turn.

The Special defense value corresponds to any Semblance or Dust based attacks.

All Advanced Enemies are affected by Status Effects for 1 turn, and may spend 1 action to wipe away the effects.

Missing an Advanced Enemies Defenses by 5 or more causes them to make a counter attack against the attacking character.

Defeating an Advanced Enemies defenses by 5 or more result in a bonus 1d6 damage for every 5 points over the given defense threshold. Advanced enemies cannot be instantly killed through normal attacks as basic enemies.

All Advanced Enemies increase their attacks, defenses and any numerical special abilities by 5 every time Characters increase their RoC.

Other than in the ways stated above, Advanced Enemies function as basic enemies regarding turn actions, movement and attack thresholds.

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